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Starting Off the New Year With Great Passion

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

We are springing into action since at the start of 2019 , the year of the golden pig. Speaking of pigs, did you know that pigs are actually one of the smartest animals on earth, some source claimed their intelligence surpasses dogs and even some primates.

Motivational speech by our CEO.

Many presentations were had in January and it's only the beginning , let us have a brief look of how Talent Codex has improved various organization's employee motivations and aspirations.

Above, we can see our CEO personally giving that boost in motivation to our partners over at TN Group very early in January.

Not only we are certified PI partners, we also offer various workshops such as business excellence and generations-to-generations courses. Feel free to contact us.

We also got many visits from our friends this new years as well , much appreciated for the gifts given and the best wishes . We hope you enjoyed your visitation to our head quarters and we're very appreciative of sparing your precious time!

A visit from Khun Kai and Khun
A visit from Khun Kai and Khun Jah-Aey

Khun Saengpet from Siam East Solutions has dropped by as well

A big healthy basket from Khun Goy and Khun Michiel

In the middle of January more exciting events happened, we have held our first consultant team meeting! We had a two day workshop to get our consultants on their feet, know their weapons and charge head-on into the talent consulting war zone.

Our attendees comes from various positions and different industries but nonetheless are the expert in their respective fields - not to mention we have guests all the way from Holland , Singapore and even Vietnam!

All of our consultants attended the intensive two-day crash course to know all the facts and figures about the PI software to be fluent enough to appreciate the power of the platform's features and strengths.

Never to worry , they were personally trained by us and had to do very challenging activities and tasks because we set high standards to ensure they can answer any queries our clients may have.

And with great success, our first batch of PI-fluent consultant teams are ready to make big waves in their own play field of their industry and country! Best of luck, everyone!

Thank you for reading our first-ever blog post, we hope you enjoyed the read. If you are looking to bring a vibrant engaged culture into your organization, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by visiting our contact page or do a google search on our company!

Until next time,

-Borrin A.

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