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Our workshop with WPM Group!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019


We held or first-ever workshop over in Hat-yai, Thailand with WPM group back in 28th of January

Here's our name proudly presented on the speaker's table.

The goal of the workshop is to transfer knowledge on history of the Predictive Index, how the trio of tools ( Behaviour Assessment , Cognitive Assessment and Job Assessment) came about to be and how they bring out the best in the organization's employee and potential candidates. As well as many tips and tricks in using the PI Crescendo software.

Here we have the organization committee who will be the drivers for for increased performance and engagement levels for WPM group, many delighted faces.

Day two was all about practise, practise and practise! After learning we encourage sending out assessments and trying out a behaviour report read-back. We always say that, the data is never wrong , but the reader is wrong - and the best way to remedy this is to encourage reading back reports at a comfortable pace to clock in time for familiarity and experience : friends and family is a good and an interesting start to know people they are most close with!

With that concluded with our two-day intensive workshop , we had our dinner and had our goodbyes, see you real soon!

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