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February Catch-up with Talent Codex Thailand.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Hello dear readers,

We hope you are enjoying the content and updates we are providing you through our little blog over at Talent Codex Thailand.

First we had our Dynamic Leadership Course delivered to the Executive ranks for our clients , the course was a simply half-day course which aims to point and guide executives and managers to do what they do best and what they can improve upon. As we know, managers manages two things : one is their job and second one is their people!

Jobs are clear defined, but people demands can be almost anything , without a proper communication and understanding this can be a really serious issue.

The workshop went smoothly and we can see that positive changes are coming right around the corner!

Second round of workshops came from an invitation sent to us by EGN, or the Executives Global Network in which our topic was Drive people, business and company to maximum performance .

In this speech Khun Nat discussed what many managers and HR missed out on when selecting people , and how nice would it be to realize and utilize the new knowledge! Focusing on the Head, Heart and Briefcase concept - and how it can improve performance and engagement which holds the key to ultimate company performance.

Next up will be something different , this time it's about the education segment!

We would need to explain some background first, EPA Tutor has found that we are offering the PI tool and were very fascinated by it - as their main issue is not teaching kids how to pass various schools and universities entrance exams. But rather the 'correct' choice of schools teens should pursue! Main struggle point is parents may dominate the agenda and their child follows the career paths their parents dictates for them (For PI masters, that's a high A and low A interaction!)

Which results in teens doing degrees that pleases their parents but not themselves, obviously EPA Tutor encourages true passions, But how would EPA address the issue without seemingly siding with the parent's child , or some the child simply refuses to speak up to avoid issues?

That's where PI comes in, the non-biased and self-aware tools makes the parents realizes better where their assumptions and experiences plays a role in guiding their child's career path , as well as the child making better understanding of their thoughts and preferences!

With such powerful tool , EPA Tutor invited us to meet their parents and student pair for a read-back sessions.

The workshop was very engaging and everybody , especially the parent and child definitely learned more about each other and absolutely connected better at a higher level!

Finally, our CEO is in the talks with new prospect- so be on the lookout!

She had a conversation with Colonel Chairoong B. - The head of department of Human Capital & Development.

They had a initial planning for a new & dynamic leadership development for the team. Let's see how it goes!

That's all for this february's update blog post!

Thanks for reading today's blog, if you are interested please give us a call over at +66981495959 !

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